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Multi QR code Business Social Media Sign Payment Sign Instagram Facebook Zelle Venmo Cashapp QR Code Sign

Multi QR code Business Social Media Sign Payment Sign Instagram Facebook Zelle Venmo Cashapp QR Code Sign

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Enhance Your Brand Visibility with our Custom UV Printed Multi QR Code Acrylic Signs: Choose from 60 Color Shades and Maximize Branding Opportunities with Customize Social Media and Payment QR Codes, Icons, and Texts

%100 UV printed product for an audacious, dynamic look that stands out.

Bussiness acrylic signs are made of high-quality, long-lasting materials.

How To Order ?

Please choose your background color from our 60 shades of color to make your brand unique. (Colour tones can be seen in images 4 and 5. Also, below are the background color options)

Please select a shape based on how many social media payment links or QR codes you want to use on your sign. If you choose hexagon, you can select up to three social media links to be included. If you choose a Square or Octagon, you can include up to 4 QR. We suggest you select a Rectangle shape in case you want 5 QR to be included. (The details of the shapes are set out below.)

Hexagon up to 3 QR codes + Your Business Logo

Square up to 4 QR codes + Your Business Logo

Octagon up to 4 QR codes + Your Business Logo

Rectangle up to 4 QR codes + Your Business Logo

5 QR codes WITHOUT Logo

Customize your box to reflect your brand with simple steps as follows;


Choose your base and icon color (Chrome or Gold) and type it with your company name or logo to create a unique look.

Please write all those information in the personalization box


We can place any symbol linked to social media and payment icons. (Please refer to image 6 to see icons.)

We can offer a customized, professional, high-quality icon creation service that meets your needs. We work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and deliver icons that effectively communicate your message and enhance the user experience. So if you want us to create the social media icons, please send us the links, and we will take care of the rest. But if you have already created icons, you can upload QR codes in personalization box.


To ensure a smooth payment process, please upload screenshots of your Payment Method QR codes in personalization box, as we have encountered issues with the links not working correctly.

Please specify the number of each social media link (e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4) to be included in the QR code.

We recommend that you double-check the QR codes before you send them so that we can obtain results without any problems.


For maximum convenience, add a message that captivates potential customers, like “Let’s Get Social,” “Scan to Pay,” or “Follow Us!”

Please be aware that if you do not make any statement to change this part, it will be automatically filled with one of two options depending on the nature of the content. If your content is mainly on social media, it will be written “Let’s Get Social”; or it will be written "Pay to scan" for content related primarily to payment.

"Below are the background color options and a visual explanation of how to place an order."

Just a friendly reminder that;

⏳ Any orders not approved within 24 hours will be placed on hold.

🙏 We are unable to make any changes after the printing process has begun for your product.

📦 If you receive a mock-up, it may extend the delivery period slightly.

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